Vigil for Racial Justice

As a community of many backgrounds, woven together in God’s love, we declare our solidarity with our black members and our broader black community. Join us for this weekly vigil.

Westminster holds a public Vigil for Racial Justice to be held Tuesdays, 12 noon – 1:00 pm on State Street in front of the church.

To learn more call or email Dave and Elizabeth McMillan or call the church office: 518-436-8544

You are invited to join us and pray, hold signs, and witness the need for racial justice in our city, our country, and our world.

A large sign will read VIGIL FOR RACIAL JUSTICE. A leader will start each vigil with prayer. The remainder of the time, participants will stand with signs to pray for justice. Bring a sign along with wording of your choice if you are able. Basically a silent vigil, each person is asked to think carefully about “Why am I doing this,” so if asked by a passerby they can answer.

This is neither a silent or solemn Vigil, but it is an opportunity to gather with others, to enjoy and encourage each other and to honor Westminster’s continuing commitment to racial justice.

All are welcome. You are encouraged to make a sign expressing your support of racial justice. With or without a sign, we need you!

Read Westminster’s Statement of Solidarity and Call to Action here

Vigil for Racial Justice

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