Westminster Commons: Community Climate Conversations

Join us as we discuss what we may be able to expect from global warming and share knowledge about how to help.

“The Historic Summer of 2023: What Have We Learned About Climate Change? What Must Be Done?”
Led by Dr. Dan Kirk-Davidoff, Climate and Energy Scientist

The global average temperature set a record high in July, about half a degree Fahrenheit warmer than the previous warmest of July 2019. Multiple local high-temperature records were set in the United States, with Maine, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida experiencing their hottest July on record (since 1895). In addition, we heard news of a dramatic reduction of sea ice growth around Antarctica and reduced flow of heat from the tropics to the Greenland area in the Atlantic Ocean.

Is this just what we expected from global warming, or do we need to adjust our expectations? What are we doing as a state, a country, and a world to stop heating the planet, and is it enough? How could we do better, and how can we protect our communities from increasing climate hazards? We’ll talk through these questions–and others you may have–and share knowledge about how to help.

If you would like to review some of the basic science of climate change in advance of our conversation, Dan recommends this video by Project Drawdown.

Westminster Commons: Community Climate Conversations

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