Rev. Heather Kirk-Davidoff - February 17, 2022

Immigrants's Health Care and Wages

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened our awareness of the importance of guaranteeing everyone has access to basic health care and yet thousands of low-income workers New Yorkers are excluded from health insurance because of their immigration status. Coverage4All is a bill before the NYS legislature that would remedy this gap. We'll also hear more about the effort to pay farm workers overtime wages beyond a 40-hour work week. How can faith communities become better advocates for the fair and just treatment of the immigrants we rely on for food and other essential services? Our conversation will be informed by leaders who make a powerful connection between their faith and their advocacy for immigrants. We'll hear from the Rural & Migrant Ministry based in the Hudson Valley and from Terry Diggory, co-coordinator of the Albany Presbytery Immigration Network and the Saratoga Immigration Coalition.

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