Rev. Heather Kirk-Davidoff - October 21, 2021

Infrastructure on a Human Scale

How could the two infrastructure bills before Congress right now impact our local neighborhoods and economy? The proposed level of investment is massive. One bi-partisan bill calls for 1 trillion dollars of "hard" infrastructure investment for roads, bridges, public transportation, etc. A second bill calls for over 3 trillion dollars of investment in "human" infrastructure: childcare, elder care, affordable housing, and investment in clean energy and health care. Is this what our country needs to get our economy growing again? How might local churches and people of faith weigh in on decisions about where and how this money is spent? Our next State Street Forum will feature Mary Clark, Regional Director for Citizen Action, who will provide insights on federal and state legislation. We'll also hear reflections from a pastor involved who has participated in directing federal funds for community development. We will have plenty of time for questions and comments from all in attendance.

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