Alternative Christmas Gifts

Dec 8, 2020

The Earth Care Team at Westminster Presbyterian Church researched ideas for alternative Christmas Gifts that will be helpful for our environment. The ideas are listed below. We welcome your ideas for gifts, also. One suggestion was to give a gift of planting trees in the name of the recipient through the Arbor Day Foundation. This may include young grandchildren so that they would start to have the experience of donations in their name. Another suggestion is to use The Presbyterian Giving Catalog, found at It has suggestions ranging from farming tools for $10 to a garden well for $1500. Church World Service has a Best Gift catalog, which features school supplies, blankets and kits, seeds, greenhouses, hot meals,etc. Their website is For people who want to protect endangered species, National Wildlife offers “adoption” options for many different animals and birds. Look for the 2020-2021 Gift Catalog at The Heifer Project – World Vision – Kitchen Compost Pot (Many different brands) ~ Dodie Seagle on behalf of the Earth Care Team, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Albany, NY Dodie has served on three boards at WPC and is a choir member. She is an official 46er (climbed all forty-six of the traditionally recognized High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains) and is a recent past president of the Bethlehem Garden Club. Helping save the environment is a key interest for Dodie.

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