Earth Care

“We’re in the fight to save the planet, not exclusively but importantly, because we are people of Christian faith. For people of faith, ‘the earth is the Lord’s and all that dwell within it.’” ~Westminster Earth Care Team member Paul R.

In March 2021, Westminster was certified by the Presbyterian Church (USA) as an Earth Care Congregation – an important way to demonstrate our commitment to God’s earth. Certification involved an audit of our congregation’s work for creation care in four areas: worship, education, facilities, and outreach.

The Earth Care Team is committed to keeping the care of our planet top of mind at Westminster. An important foundation of our work is the following resolution brought to and approved by Westminster’s Session at their September 2021 meeting:

Every decision made regarding supplies, infrastructure, ways of doing everyday business will be analyzed to determine its impact on climate/the environment. Cost will not be the sole consideration. We resolve to challenge our congregation and friends of the congregation to continuously be aware that our individual and collective actions can and will make a difference. We resolve to unite with other faith groups to increase awareness and act to address climate change.

Examples of actions that Westminster has taken over the past few years are:

  • Electricity powered by solar
  • Incandescent light bulbs replaced with LED
  • Use of china and metalware for events – no Styrofoam and plastic
  • Cleaning products are being replaced with environmentally friendly products
  • Limiting paper waste through use of electronic communications
  • 5-minute stickers on light switches
  • Composting of food scraps from breakfast program
  • Recycling
  • Investigating installation of electronic car charger
  • Have researched rain runoff in parking lot
  • Educational sessions for adults
  • Climate materials and activities for children

There is more to do! The team meets monthly to continue moving forward to maintain our certification as an Earth Care Congregation, to plan regular education initiatives around climate/environmental issues, and to unite with other faith groups to facilitate a broader reach. New team members are welcome!

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