Got Cookies (etc.)? Calling All Volunteers!!

Sep 6, 2017

Volunteers are needed to bring cookies (or fruit, cheese and, other goodies) to provide refreshment during the coffee and fellowship time following worship. These contributions help make this a welcoming and pleasant time for members and guests – a very important part of our hospitality ministry. How much can you bring? You can do it all yourself or sign-up for half the need. For each Sunday, we provide the equivalent of 8 dozen cookies. Volunteers can either sign-up to provide the full need or half of what is needed. If one volunteer covers half the need, we hope that another volunteer will offer to provide the other half. How do you get on board? Quite a few people have joined in on use of Westminster’s Meal Train website to sign-up. Meal Train is an online meal calendar that provides a free, easy way to organize food contributions. You are able to simply log-in to the site, see what dates are available and sign-up for any dates that work for you to provide refreshments. How do I get started? So, here are some easy options for ways you can volunteer to bring refreshments. Fatmata Hilton ([email protected]) and Valerie Shanley ([email protected]) are your current contacts if you have any questions: 1) Do you already have an account on Westminster’s Meal Train? Just log into the site and sign-up! Need a refresher? No problem – just ask! 2) This is new to you and you haven’t joined Westminster’s Meal Train yet? You may sign-up directly using the Westminster’s Meal Train Link – Click here to Sign-up 3) Please don’t make me do this online….can’t I just contact someone? Of course! Contact Fatmata ([email protected]) or Valerie ([email protected]). Your message should include the date(s) you would like to cover and the amount you will bring (full or half). Your information will then be entered into our Meal Train site for everyone’s use in planning. We look forward to sampling your contributions! * Note: Please avoid nut products in your refreshments in consideration of those with allergies. Thank you! Valerie Willison Shanley is an Elder currently serving on the Westminster’s Session. Due to her own Scottish heritage, she loves the opportunity to bring the Kirkin’ o’ Tartan event to others, continuing the tradition her Dad helped start at Westminster many years ago. In addition to volunteering at church, you can usually find Valerie enjoying family and friends, traveling, reading, fitness activities or time at her lakeside home.

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