Letting the CAT out of the Bag

Sep 4, 2018

Imagine a friend asks you to describe your church. What would you say? Chances are, your answer comes from: what you like about the church and what you have experienced. But no one could give a full picture or know what other people thought. This October, you can help us change that as we “let the CAT out of the bag.” CAT stands for Congregational Assessment Tool. This is an online instrument (also available in paper copies) that will help our church gauge the strength, vitality, and trends in our church. The information gained from this assessment will be valuable in helping Westminster Presbyterian Church make decisions about the future and what skills to look for in the next called pastor. From October 7-21, 2018 the CAT will be posted online and paper copies will be available. Everyone who is a regular participant will be asked to complete the questionnaire about their faith experience in this church. A consultant, Keli Rugenstein of Eastern Door Counseling and Consulting in Rensselaer, will help interpret the report to the Transition Team and Session, who will then find times and ways of interpreting it to the congregation. October will also provide opportunity for a new photo directory. You can read more about that in the September-October 2018 Messenger. Once both these projects are completed there will be a new photo directory to help us appreciate one another and a report to help us appreciate the church and its future. Rev. Bill Schram began his ministry with Westminster in March and is the current Interim Minister. Bill attended McCormick seminary in Chicago and met his wife Jenny there. They have served as co-pastors and in separate positions. He has served churches in urban, near suburb, small town, county seat towns in various positions such as pastor, associate pastor, interim pastor, and hospital chaplain. He and Jenny have two natural and one foster daughter. Delightfully, they now have a granddaughter to enjoy.

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