Remember Blockbuster?

Oct 22, 2015

Remember Blockbuster? Yeah, me neither. Blockbuster was a wildly popular video rental store that is no longer wildly popular. Remember Netflix? “Remember?” you ask. “I was on Netflix an hour ago.” Precisely.

Both were faced with the rapidly changing landscape of internet streaming and downloads and had the choice to either fight what they could not change or adapt to what they could not change. Guess which one adapted.

Communication today is ever-changing in exciting ways. The big difference now versus a few decades ago is that everyone is involved. The table has been widened, and we all have a place. We are all connected. For that very reason, we at Westminster are choosing to adapt to this changing landscape and embrace the gift of now.

People talk. And churches get a reputation whether they want to or not. “Oh, that’s the church with the Bake Sale.” Or, “There are a lot of kids at that church.” At Westminster, we have chosen to be proactive. Instead of waiting for people to create an image of us that might not be accurate, we put our message out there for the whole world to see. We shout it from the rooftops.

And what is that message? We want to tell people about our radical hospitality, our broad diversity, our vibrant music and arts, and our passion for mission both near and far.

God calls us to a specific witness in this time and in our neighborhood. With the Spirit’s help, we answer that call when we tell the good story of who we are in Jesus Christ.

Rev. Frances Wattman Rosenau

Associate Pastor

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Cell (518) 300-9548

Church (518) 436-8544 ext. 13

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