Threads or Sticks

Oct 8, 2019

Threads can look a lot like sticks. But they are wonderfully different. Threads, or strands of yarn, are soft to the touch. Sticks are rigid and hard.That’s the easy difference to name. But even more differences come from the ways we use each in our lives. Because of their rigidity, sticks are good at making fences. Even when lines get drawn, they are used often to define pieces and places as in a grid. The next step is to decide which parts get separated into which sections. The result can be a piecemeal collection of distinct pieces, but without an overall unity or purpose. In contrast, threads are flexible enough to be combined in ways that make a new single thing that serves a larger purpose. Threads get woven together into blankets, sweaters, rugs, tapestries and more. The separate threads don’t remain distinct but merge so that each contributes to a larger purpose. As Westminster celebrates 100 years of being “Woven Together” and considers how to “Weave our future together,” in our stewardship efforts, please remember to be threads. You may bring interest in mission or music or worship or education, but allow it all to be woven together in service to Christ’s purpose. Seek to be a part of something bigger than your interest. We can be woven together in service to our Lord, or simply tossed together in service to particular, personal interests. Make your choice. Rev. Bill Schram began his ministry with Westminster in March 2018 and is the current Interim Minister. Bill attended McCormick seminary in Chicago and met his wife Jenny there. They have served as co-pastors and in separate positions. He has served churches in urban, near suburb, small town, county seat towns in various positions such as pastor, associate pastor, interim pastor, and hospital chaplain. He and Jenny have two natural and one foster daughter. Delightfully, they now have a granddaughter to enjoy.

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