Adult Education Second Hour Series: Love God, Neighbor, Enemy

An in-person Lenten adult education series that will run during the "Second Hour" after Sunday worship.

The event will be in-person only.

Jesus commands his disciples to God, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and even to love our enemies. In each case, the love to which he calls us is the same. Love is an act of giving of ourselves, as the Hebrew word for love, ahava (rooted in the word meaning “to give”), suggests. When we connect these three calls to love we begin to understand how we might even love those who we might identify as enemies, which is surely one of Jesus’ most challenging teachings.

Together, we’ll reflect on scripture, make connections to our current time and culture, and consider how we might extend our own practice of love. Lisa Petter, Rev. Paul Randall, Susan Schell, and Pastor Heather Kirk-Davidoff will share leadership for both the in-person and online study. Each participant will receive a study guide to use in the group and throughout the week to deepen their reflections.

Everyone is welcome–you may come to one, some, or all sessions as your schedule allows. On Sunday, March 17th, we will join together (in-person only) with our children and youth for an Intergenerational Learning Event in the Fellowship Hall.

Adult Education Second Hour Series: Love God, Neighbor, Enemy

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