Mission Work in Ghana: Mama Alice Health Clinic to Open Soon

Oct 1, 2022

WPC's mission work with West African partners - Mama Alice Health Clinic in Ghana

It is hard for many of us in the Capital District and beyond to imagine a situation where the availability of health care services is non-existent. We are blessed with multiple hospitals, urgent care providers, clinics, specialists, and top-notch medical professionals. Throughout Africa this is not the case. While major urban centers include basic health care facilities, rural communities often find access to medical care a serious challenge. Improved health care is a significant focus of our mission work with partners in West Africa.

In the isolated village of Nyitawuta, Ghana, residents have long suffered because the nearest healthcare services were only to be found many long, hard miles away. As a result, many minor problems often go untreated and worsen; infant mortality rates are high, and childhood diseases are common and often deadly.

The future is brighter, though, as the prayers of villagers will be answered by this Christmas with the dedication and opening of the Mama Alice Health Clinic. The clinic is a project of the Home of Care and Protection (HOCAP) – a Ghanaian nonprofit agency that has partnered with Westminster on numerous mission work projects focused on health and education since 2011. The clinic will provide both general and maternal health services for Nyitawuta as well as several additional rural villages within walking distance.

A unique feature of this new facility is the inclusion of modest living space for a resident nurse-midwife, which will ensure the ability of clinic management to attract excellent providers to practice in this underserved area. When completed, responsibility for the clinic’s operation will be assumed by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana‘s Health Unit.

While Westminster has contributed financially to the cost of construction materials, the community of Nyitawuta has provided many hundreds of hours of labor to make this dream come true and is rightfully proud of its accomplishment and aware of what it will mean for their children’s futures.

The clinic is named in honor of Rev. Alice Kyei-Anti, “Mama Alice” who passed away in February 2021 – leaving a legacy of leadership, vision, and service to God and community. Westminster enjoyed a strong relationship with Mama since 2006 and was proud to host five visits from her over the years. The clinic named for her is a fitting tribute to her life’s work.

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