What’s new with the Westminster website?

Jun 1, 2022

After almost a year of planning, we are thrilled to share the new WPC website with you. We hope you find the site easy to navigate. Some goals for our new site included:

  • Update the look and feel to the latest best practices
  • Leverage technology to share events on our home page with minimal manual updates
  • Improve the reliability and security of the WPC site
  • Engage a web partner to support WPC
  • Enhance the visual imagery to give a sense of our WPC community

We recognize that transitions can be a challenge and plan to set up sessions to meet with people to demonstrate key features and answer questions. What would you like to learn and what timing for a session works best for you? Please share your thoughts in this survey:

WPC New Website Questions & Answers

In the meantime, here is a brief video showing you how to find event details on our new website. If you have any questions or concerns or are having trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out to communications@wpcalbany.org for help.

Thank you to team who helped to build the content for the website: Rev. Heather Kirk-Davidoff, Valerie Willison Shanley, Kim Deal, Kelly Crisfield, Forrest Holroyd, Tom McPheeters, Nancy Ost, Belinda Quaye, Susan Sady, Susan Schell, Carolyn Smith, Leah Threatte, and Sheila Wrede.

Did we miss you? Please let us know!

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