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Feb 7, 2018

We have a new initiative underway at Westminster, and it is easy for you to get involved! Session has made a commitment to reducing bulk paper mailings. Here is why: (1) achieve significant savings in printing and postage costs (2) become better stewards of the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and (3) encourage our congregation to take advantage of the multiple opportunities to receive information online – via email, the website, and social media. We are mindful and respectful of the fact that some will wish to continue to receive paper mailings and we will accommodate this need. As we move forward with this initiative, it is hoped that most will be able to make the transition to online communications. You can help us prepare for this change by letting us know the following: Are you willing to receive The Messenger via email, only, rather than postal mail? (Please keep in mind that a supply of paper copies will be available for pick-up at the back of the sanctuary as well as on the table in the Chestnut St. hallway.) Are you willing to receive certain formal church bulk mailings, such as stewardship letters, special offering appeal letters, etc. via email, rather than regular postal mail? Would you like to receive our weekly Westminster news emails (if you don’t already subscribe)? This is a great way to learn about what is happening at Westminster in an easy and timely way. Do we have your current preferred email address? We have reason to believe that many of the emails in our distribution lists are out of date. A key to success is collection of current email addresses so that we can connect with you! We do hope that you will take a few minutes to share your information with us so we can verify that our information is current. Here is how you can do this: (1) see volunteers following worship who will be circulating with notebooks during our fellowship time or (2) complete a simple form online by using this link Update/Add Your Contact Info. (A link to this form is also available on the home page of our website: Thank you! Update/Add Your Contact Information Here Valerie Willison Shanley is currently an Elder serving on Westminster’s Session and is the lead for the Communications & Outreach team. She is a long-time volunteer at the Emergency Overflow Shelter, operated by the Capital Area Council of Churches, and is also committed to supporting other mission projects. In her free time, you can usually find Valerie enjoying family and friends, traveling, reading, fitness activities or time at her lakeside home.

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