Top 10 Reasons to Check out Westminster Presbyterian Church

Feb 3, 2023

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Versions of this have floated around churches for 20 or more years. This has been adapted it to fit Westminster.

Reason #10: The time is right for you

You are at a point in your life where you’re interested in going to church whether or not it will thrill your parents or make friends chuckle.

Reason #9: You are put off by hierarchy and energized by community.

Us too.

Reason #8: You are looking for a spiritual community where not everyone believes the same things.

WPC does not expect you to “leave your brain at the door” when you come to church. Quite the opposite. This is a congregation that values education and thoughtfulness. You will find a wide diversity of theological and political beliefs. We really like it that way. Come add your voice to the conversation.

Reason #7: You are looking for a church that is open and inclusive.

Can we introduce you to our multi-ethnic mix of members and church leaders made up of old, young, long established families and recent immigrants, gay, straight, single, married, divorced?

Reason #6: You appreciate multi-cultural experiences.

We celebrate the backgrounds of our members by including worship practices from our varied backgrounds, shared prayers with our Ghana church partners, and special worship services that reflect our diversity such as our African style Watch Night service.

Reason #5: We love music.

At the risk of bragging a little, we do traditional worship music very, very well. We seek to incorporate music traditions from different traditions and generations. Come, close your eyes, and lose yourself just a little bit in the majesty of beautiful music bouncing off the historic stone walls.

Reason #4: You are looking for opportunities for your children.

We have a “Prayground” table for other children during worship. We have classes for all ages following worship. We provide opportunities for both fun and service activities for older youth, and opportunities for summer camps and trips. In addition, they will find great friendships and spiritual community here.

Reason #3: You want to be a part of a church that is committed to making a difference in Albany and the world.

We love this city and have a big heart for serving those in need. We provide space and volunteers for the FOCUS Churches breakfast program and the FOCUS food pantry. We provide dinners at the Homeless Overflow Shelter. We’ve been involved in local advocacy efforts. We say we are “Woven together in service and partnership.” We really mean it.

Reason #2: You want to be a part of a church that is committed to making a difference in Albany and the world.

We put this one down twice because it’s really important to us. In addition to the local ministry, we have closely collaborate with our partner churches in Ghana.. We support Ebola orphans in Liberia and Sierra Leone. We are addressing Climate Change

Reason #1: Your heart is restless, longing for a sense of peace and purpose every day.

Maybe you are tired of trying harder and harder, and starting to ask, “What’s really the point?” You wonder how you might actually experience the peace that Jesus gives, which is not as the world gives. But church may be just about the last place you’d look. Good news: This church seeks to be active in a changing world. This church is changing. There is a energy stirring in our congregation – an excitement, a feeling that God is about to do something amazing through Westminster Presbyterian Church.

We don’t know what we’re being called to next, but we’d like to invite you to be part of it. Please join us for worship any Sunday morning at 10:00 am, stay after for conversation over coffee, get to know us, and let us get to know you.

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