Impact of Your Support: A Recap of Our Successful West African Campaign

Dec 13, 2023

Thanks to many generous donors, we have exceeded our 2023 goal of raising $15,000 to support vital health and education services for children in West Africa!

Almost $20,000 has been raised!

How wonderful it was to return to the tradition of our in-person African Family Night in 2023. As a united community, we gathered to champion priority mission projects undertaken with our partners in Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Together, we reaffirmed our commitment to helping build brighter futures for vulnerable children through vital health and education services.

Your donations are ensuring that we can continue to provide educational resources, health services, clean water, and essential nutrition programs where they are most needed.

With the support of your generous donations, and by working with local partners in West Africa, we collaborate on a range of projects addressing shared priorities to tackle immediate challenges and help usher in lasting change.

A sampling of projects with positive outcomes that are actively supported by your donations include:

  • Building and opening a health clinic in Nyitawuta – an isolated, underserved rural community in Ghana
  • Establishing computer lab classrooms
  • Organizing a year-round feeding program in Liberia, offering free meals to dozens of preschoolers and kindergarten-aged children
  • Delivering quarterly food supplies to a school and orphanage in Sierra Leone
  • Providing education scholarships for needy students
  • Supporting a part-time nurse at a school in rural Liberia
  • Offering microloans to individuals in Liberia who lack access to conventional support like bank loans and sending used clothing for resale in local open-air markets
  • Shipping menstrual supplies and delivering related training to help keep girls in school

This has been a very successful campaign and we are so grateful to have exceeded our original fundraising goal. As of early November we had received $19,480 in donations! We look forward to our continued work with mission partners in Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Be a part of our ongoing mission to make a difference in the lives of West African children! Your interest and support mean the world to those delivering and receiving these services and resources, but there’s still much important work to be accomplished.

Please join us! Donations are gratefully accepted.

Your generous support is needed now and throughout the year. Whether we are getting ready for an African Family Night or working with our partners throughout the year, contributions are always most gratefully accepted online at any time ( or by sending your check to Westminster Presbyterian Church, 85 Chestnut St., Albany, NY 12210 (“African Mission” on the memo line).

And please stay tuned! We post updates on the blog page of our website. Please help us keep you up-to-date by making sure we have your most current and preferred email address by notifying the Church Office at [email protected] or calling 518-436-8544.

Join us in our continued work of “Transforming the lives of children in Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.”


Written by Valerie Willison Shanley on behalf of the African Mission Committee

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