Vigil for Racial Justice Update, May 30, 2024

May 30, 2024

The weekly Vigil for Racial Justice was held Tuesday from 12 noon until 1:00 pm. Ned Trudeau, Mabel McGraw, Carolyn Smith, Paul and Margaret Randall and Dave and Elizabeth McMillan were joined by our pastor, Heather Kirk-Davidoff. As we arrived three gentlemen were enjoying the warm sunshine, and one was examining the books in the Little Library.

We unfurled our banner, raised our signs and began greeting those who passed by. Drivers on State Street might wave or sound their horns. A highlight was the appearance of Chris Price, dressed splendidly in a blue suit. He had just sung the national anthem at a gathering of veterans.

As we stood or sat, we discussed a PBS News report about police and race which several of us had seen the previous night on PBS. The report noted scattered improvements in police-community relations but also noted the continuing tensions between minority people and the police.

We look forward to next Tuesday, June 4, when we will meet with Friends from Emmanuel Baptist who recently visited many sites of racial events in America. After the Vigil, we will have a brown bag affair – all are welcome.

Written by The Rev. David McMillan, HR

Westminster holds a public Vigil for Racial Justice to be held Tuesdays, 12 noon – 1:00 pm on State Street in front of the church.

To learn more call or email Dave and Elizabeth McMillan or call the church office: 518-436-8544

Read Westminster’s Statement of Solidarity and Call to Action here

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Rev. David McMillan, HR and Elizabeth McMillan are active members at WPC. Dave is a retired Presbyterian minister. In his retirement he has contributed his talents to Westminster by leading a variety of Bible studies, helping with the newsletter and the church family photo directory, chairing the WPC Centennial Anniversary Planning Committee, and assisted his wife, Elizabeth, as she is the primary organizer of the Vigil for Racial Justice events. He and his wife Elizabeth live at The Beverwyck in Slingerlands.
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