Vigil for Racial Justice Begins Again

Mar 8, 2023

Tuesday noon, March 21, on State Street in front of Westminster, we will unfurl our banner, VIGIL FOR RACIAL JUSTICE.

Perhaps Ned and Mabel will hold the banner, at least for a while. Judy will be there to take a hand. Paul and Margaret will hold the signs they have made. Dave will rest on the seat of his walker while Rachel enjoys the comfort of a folding chair. Perhaps Kelly and Carolyn can join us.

Fred will cross over from the FOCUS office in Immanuel Baptist while Heather comes from home just down the way. Most likely, Archie will appear telling tales of his personal vigils. Dave will almost surely check us out.

Now and again drivers will greet us with blasts on their horns while some pedestrians will hurry on, trying not to look at us. Occasionally, one stops to discuss or simply to tell us what they think.

Around 12:30, Elizabeth will pass around a bag of chocolate bars.

Perhaps you will be with us. Perhaps you will feel a call to bear witness, to remember and remind of George Floyd whose death almost three years ago was the reason for our Vigil. Few remember George Floyd and the righteous cry for justice.

But, we do remember and would welcome you.

Written by: Rev. David McMillan, HR

About the author

Rev. David McMillan, HR and Elizabeth McMillan are active members at WPC. Dave is a retired Presbyterian minister. In his retirement he has contributed his talents to Westminster by leading a variety of Bible studies, helping with the newsletter and the church family photo directory, chairing the WPC Centennial Anniversary Planning Committee, and assisted his wife, Elizabeth, as she is the primary organizer of the Vigil for Racial Justice events. He and his wife Elizabeth live at The Beverwyck in Slingerlands.
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